Is Your Career on Track?

The purpose of this questionnaire is to help you decide if you are a good candidate for my services.  If you are a professional who finds you have lost your motivation in your current position, are not clear on where you want to go next, or wonder if your current career is even right for you, the following questions may be of help.

1.  Would you describe yourself as mostly happy at work?

2.  Have you professionally evaluated your career or satisfaction from your work within the last six months?

 3.  Can you articulate what you want next from your career?  If so, do you have a committed plan to achieve it?

4.  Have you identified your career objective or know the next level of work you’d like to perform?

5.  Do you set aside time to use your skills in a community support, social service or similar environment?

6.  Are you currently enrolled in any training or academic program to add to your skill sets or abilities used in your work?

7.  If you are in a management role, do you feel comfortable and prepared to carry out all your duties?

8.   Do you recognize an unproductive pattern in your work?  If so, are you willing to work on changing it? 

 9. Are you using social media or traditional networking to connect to others in your field (or the field you wish to pursue)?

10.  Are you following your own inner directed voice for what’s right for you at this time?  

If you’ve answered ‘no’ to 3 or more questions, your career has taken a detour.  Let’s get you back on track.   Start building your resilient career today.  Contact me at 707 5422420 to see how I can help.  Why wait!